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The Philip and Frances Fried Counselling Center

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Our therapists offer an attentive ear and assistance for a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress, crisis management, transitional issues, grief, and eating, sexual, or relationship matters triggered by interpersonal, familial, academic or any other source. Psychological services provided through the Center are subsidized to ensure that all of our students will have equitable access to assistance they may need during their studies at Technion. Services are completely confidential and discreet – our offices are located in a quiet location on the outskirts of the campus for your privacy. Your health information will only be shared with others if you give permission.

Based on a student’s needs, assessed after a meeting with one of our therapists, they will be offered individual therapy, group counselling, and/or test anxiety workshop. Additional services such as psychiatric counselling and psychodiagnostic testing are also offered.

We are here to assist you – our goal is to help you function better and to see you make sustainable changes in your life.

Contact information:
The Philip and Frances Fried Counseling Center located at Fried building next to the kindergarten opposite to Canada Dormitories (on the road under the Swimming Pool)

e-mail:  psyche@technion.ac.il

Tel: 04-8292908, 04-8292909 | Fax: 04-8295764
Office Hours: Sun.-Thu. – 08:30-15:00.
It is highly recommended to call before arrival