The health coverage part of your student fee entitles you to significant savings for counseling and psychiatric services offered at the Philip and Frances Fried Counseling Center.


Registration, Intake meetings and MMPI100 NIS
Individual therapy60 NIS
Group counselling40 NIS
Psychiatric counseling60 NIS
Test anxiety workshop240 NIS (for all sessions)

Payment Method:
Payment for counseling services, except for the registration fee, will be due at the end of every quarter and will be withdrawn directly from a student’s account under the title “Dean of Students Service,” in order to protect the student’s privacy.

Special Cases: In special cases, students will be able to pay their therapist or psychologist directly for their sessions through payment vouchers.

Registration Fee: The registration fee (100 NIS) will be paid separately at any bank branch, through a payment voucher provided by the office staff. Present this proof of payment (processed payment voucher) to the office staff to settle the payment process.